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Egyptians in the Bible.

The ancient Egyptians were a great civilization in ancient times. The people of the land of Egypt were the descendants of Mizraim, the son of Ham, Noah's second son. They were dark skinned and there are many archaeological discoveries that reveal the appearance of ancient Egyptians. Egypt was located on the Northeast corner of Africa, and it extended from the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile Delta, all the way down to ancient Nubia and Ethiopia. The Nile River flows through Egypt and was the main source of water and it truly nourished the land. The Egyptians were a powerful nation and the first great kingdom. The kings title was the "Pharaoh" and some of the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt were remarkable monarchs. The Bible mentions much concerning Egypt, and it never contradicts archaeology. The Bible reveals that Egypt was rich and powerful, it was dry and surrounded by deserts, it mentions the Nile River, the Kings were called Pharaoh and they had harems, there was slavery there, there were famines in and near Egypt in the land of Canaan,and the stories around the life of Joseph are remarkably accurate in relation to Egyptian history.

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